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This course teaches non-technical users how to take advantage of Big Data technologies without having to learn how to write a program to run Hadoop, JAQL, and so on. It uses BigSheets, a plug-in that can be run on top of Hadoop, and is designed for the business user who is familiar with spreadsheet tools like MS Excel.

Course Structure:

  • Getting started with BigSheets
  • Discovering what BigSheets can do
  • Deep Dive into BigSheets
  • A complete case study using BigSheets

Fees: Free


4 hours

Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

  • Basic knowledge of Hadoop.
  • Basic knowledge of operating systems (UNIX/Linux)
  • Hadoop
  • JAQL
  • Excel
  • Cindy Saracco
  • Anshul Dawra
  • Xiao Jing XJ Wang
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