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While the primary aim of this course is to prepare high school teachers for teaching descriptive statistics, this course will enable any global citizen to understand the basic descriptive statistics presented by the media from breakfast to bedtime.

Descriptive statistics, as the name implies, refers to the describing or summarizing of a set of data using graphics and number summaries. This course covers descriptive statistics for a single variable and for the relationship between two variables. Core principle videos will cover the statistical content, while satellite videos will discuss pedagogy, teaching resources, and analyzing data using JMP software. These satellite videos will present concepts via examples spanning pop culture, sports, youth, and other topics suitable for high school classrooms.

This class is taught in three modules

  • Getting started with data (1 week)
  • Single variable graphics and number summaries (1 week)
  • Graphics and number summaries describing the relationship between two variables (2 weeks)


4 weeks

5-8 hours per week

Part time/ Full time: – Part time

  • Dalene Stangl: – Duke University
  • Kate Allman: – Duke University
  • Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel: – Duke University
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