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Visual Basic for Analytics– JIGSAW ACADEMY

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With the help of this course you will learn how to make dashboards and reports user-centric, informative and easily understood. You will also learn how to implement statistical models and impressive presentation.


[su_tab title=”Program Structure”]

This course contains 10 modules-

  • Introduction to VBA – Variable and Data types
  • VBA Logic & Loops
  • VBA Functions, Variables / Procedure Scope and Lifetime
  • Worksheets & Arrays
  • Importing Data into Excel
  • Files and Folders
  • GUIs and User Forms- I & II
  • Form & Excel Controls
  • Charts & Pivots
  • Building Regression Tool

Duration: 8 Weeks

Mode: Online self-paced

Fees: INR 19,000 + taxes


[su_tab title=”Eligibility”]

Knowledge of Excel, SQL, data manipulation techniques and basic programming concepts in any language (SAS, R, Java)


[su_tab title=”Tools”]

  • Excel


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