Aiswarya Ramachandran
There is nothing to show.
Designation:Assistant Systems Engineer
Company:Tata Consultancy Services
Duration: 2010-08-26 - 2012-09-01
Designation:Research Assistant
Company:SERC ( Supercomputer Education and Research Centre )
Duration: 2013-02-01 - 2017-02-28
Description:Build Social Media Analytics systems
Designation:News Analyst
Company:Yemalur Bridge
Duration: 2017-04-03 - 2019-11-01
Description:Build Dashboards and analytics pipelines to help journalists write better stories
Designation:News Analyst
Company:Yemalur Bridge
Designation:Senior Data Analyst
Company:Cerner Corporation H2 Block
Duration: 2019-01-21 -
Description:Building solutions for Cerner to help improve operational efficiency