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Designation:Sales Officer – Trade Loyalty
Company:ITC Limited, Odisha
Description:* Maintained knowledge of current sales & promotions, policies regarding payment and exchanges and security practices * Forecasted monthly sales of Food and PCP products (category-wise & sub-category- wise) across different sections and took appropriate data-driven decisions to boost up NTD sales in ITC’s premium grocery outlets * Supervised program deliverables and managed loyalty specific input customization * Managed permanent merchandising execution and Sell-Out Solution * Helped the branch on outlet identification and enrollment
Designation:Business Analyst
Company:CapitalVia Global Research Limited, Indore
Description:* Analyzed Stock Market data on a daily basis * Interacted with clients, scrutinized and resolved their queries related to Stock Market Trading by providing them with suitable solutions to their needs and requirements
Designation:Machine Learning Engineer
Company:Quantiphi Analytics
Description:* Translate Deep Learning research to business solutions, while implementing cutting-edge Deep Learning algorithms on latest Machine Learning platforms. * Work for the most challenging problems in the most exciting domains like Computer Vision, Speech and NLP.
Course: others ( Masters in Business Administration )
University:Kiit school of management
Duration: - 2015
Course: others ( B.Tech )
University:Kiit school of engineering
Duration: - 2014