Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon and secured 68 rank
Participated in ABInBev : Data Science Talent Hunt Hackathon and secured 224 rank
Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon - Sales Excellence and secured 170 rank
Participated in Student Hunt 2017 and secured 32 rank
Participated in Data Science Hackathon - Cross-sell: target the right customer and secured 181 rank
Participated in Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III
Participated in Practice Problem: Predict Black Friday Sales
Participated in Practice Problem: Time Series
Participated in The Young Optimization Crackerjack Contest by IEOR @ IITB & McKinsey Knowledge Centre India
Participated in Felicity : Kings of Machine Learning
Participated in Analytics Vidhya Hiring Hackathon
Participated in DATA TALES – Beyond Infinity (Round 1: Machine Learning Competition by Great Lakes Institute of Management)
Participated in DataHack Premier League 2018
Participated in DataQuest - Data Science Hackathon (IIT Roorkee, Cognizance 2018)
Participated in Lord of the Machines: Data Science Hackathon
Participated in Numerolysis (By iQ’oniQ – The Quant, Logic and Analytics Club, NMIMS Hyderabad)
Participated in Experiments with Data
Participated in Practice Problem: Urban Sound Classification
Participated in Practice Problem: Big Mart Sales III
Participated in Knocktober 2016
Participated in Practice Problem: Age Detection of Actors
Participated in Data Science Hackathon: Churn Prediction
Participated in Practice Problem: Identify the Digits
Participated in McKinsey Analytics Online Hackathon- Recommendation Design




Designation Intern Statistician
Company Mphasis - An HP Company
Duration None - None
Job Profile Statistical Modelling: Developed a classification model for imbalanced data using R which had 96% accuracy as compared to 73% earlier, and predicted the chances of winning the on going live deals in the market. Formulated the risk associated with the deals won by the firm.
Designation Assistant Campaign Manager
Company Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Duration None - None
Job Profile 1. Data Mining: Analyzed massive education data and spotted the major difficulties faced by the school children. 2. Content development: Created more than 200 (compared to average of 50) science and mathematics videos for unprivileged school children in order to make subjects playful and easily understandable.
Designation Mathematical and Statistical Specialist
Company The Profs, London
Duration None - None
Job Profile ▪ More than 600 hours of tutoring experience and guided more than 50 students in various subjects. ▪ Significant amount of teaching experience in following subjects 1. Elementary Statistical Theory 2. Mathematical Methods 3. Quantitative Analysis in Management 4. Coding and Cryptography 5. Mathematical Finance 6. Medical Statistics 7. Topics in Statistics 8. Statistical Inference 9. Time Series 10. Statistics and Econometrics 11. Quantitative Methods 12. Statistics for Economics and Finance 13. Survey Statistics 14. Forensic Statistics 15. Principals of Statistics
Designation Statistical Advisor
Company Demobox
Duration None - None
Job Profile 1. Voting system: Developed new voting systems methodology using the Bayesian method to predict artist popularity using prior information on social media and live event attendance. 2. Algorithm creation: Synthesized the voting system into algorithm using R to sort top 10 bands every month and identify the bands which break the usual trend, in order to predict breakout successes in the music industry.


Course Any other Degree
University University of Warwick
Duration None - Present
Job Profile
Course Any other Degree
University London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Duration None - 2014
Job Profile
Course Any other Degree
University University of Oxford
Duration None - 2015
Job Profile
Course Any other Degree
University Indian Statistical Institute
Duration None - 2013
Job Profile


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