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Designation:Data Analyst
Company:Bajaj Alianz capstone project from Great lakes Institute of Management
Description:Measurement of the value of various inbound-outbound trigger based interactions (e.g. service call, switch, fund value, online chat, social media comments, address change etc) in the customers’ perception, in order to develop an effort estimate for such interactions, with possible revenue generation opportunities. Involved in data gathering through social media and surveys. Involved in Data cleaning and preprocessing steps such as identification of new feature creations and removing multi-colinearity. Involving in planning and synopsis and abstracts preparation.
Description:Overall 4.5 years of IT experience with extensive hands on experience into Data Analytics using various machine learning models using R, Excel, Python and Tableau. Aspiring for a challenging career into data science utilizing my technical, analytical and interpersonal skills and fast learning abilities. Language :R, Python, Unix Shell scripting Models :Experience in classification models such as Neural networks, Logistic regression, random forest,Linear regression, clustering algorithms and predictive modelling. Techniques :Natural language processing, Sentiment analysis, web scrapping, rank ordering, KS stats, Confusion matrix, Gini,etc Reporting Tools :Tableau and basic Excel Domains: Telecom, Retail and Airlines
Designation:senior system engineer
Description:· Involved analytics development with Agile. · Worked with Partition Components like Partition by Round Robin, and Partition by Key, partition by expression with efficient use of Multifile System, which comes under Data Parallelism · Used Dataset Components to import source and target data base schemas. · Performing Transformations of source data with Transform Components like Replicate, Reformat, Filter-by-Expression, Rollup, Sort, Dedup sort etc. · Used Lookups with Reformat Component to fetch matching records based on the downstream process. · Execution of SQL queries. · Worked on developing Shell Scripts for project needs.
Course: others ( PGPBABI )
University:Great lakes
Duration: - 2018