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Designation:IT Manager
Company:Axis bank
Description:1. Developing a personalized offer or advertisement generating system for Axis Bank customers by analyzing their credit card and debit card transactions using Natural Language Processing​, Random Forest classification algorithm and K- means​ clustering to improve customer targeting and save marketing expenditure 2. Designing an early SMS trigger model using SQL and Python for identified underperforming credit card customers to increase​ ​conversion​ rate of customers 3. Leading automation of Portfolio Investment Scheme and Finacle integration for daily validation of tradings done by Axis Bank clients and brokers; achieving reduction​ ​of​ ​4​ ​man​ ​hours​ per day and validating the audit regulations given by RBI 4. Spearheading Nostro balance sheet report automation for Treasury Operations; cutting down on redundant manual labor and saving​ ​1​ ​man​ ​hour​ per day
Course: others ( Chemical engineering (Dual Degree) )
University:Iit delhi
Duration: - 2017