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Designation:Data Scientist
Description:• Done RFM Analysis and segment customer based on Total score of RFM as Group1 as Best and champion Customer to Group5 as Lost Customer. Also prepare various marketing strategies for various groups and remarket them. • Done Customer Life Time Value for BannerBuzz which describe by doing remarketing how much revenue customer is being able to get in future. Also find out average span of time remains customer of BannerBuzz. • On the basis of Google Analytics report having Multi Channel Grouping which describes path of channel of customer, number of conversion and conversion value. • Find out marketing channel which helps in assisting conversion and conversion value and adjust bidding according to it which reduce cost and increase revenue. • Prepare Dashboards in Tableau for Enhanced Ecommerce, Site Search to get overview to marketing about which channel is performing well and overall performance of website. • By seeing this Dashboard Marketing Department change strategies according to it.
Course: others ( M.sc (Statistics) )
University:Department of statistics
Duration: - 2015