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Designation:Consultant - Data Analysis
Company:Quantinium Algolytics Pvt Ltd., Kochi
Description:Primary responsibility was improving the performance of the existing stock market trading system. Imported trading data into R, and applied various algorithms such as decision tree, random forest, association rules etc.. Analysed the stock market data using ADF test and Hurst Exponent to determine patterns.
Designation:Lecturer in Agriculture
Company:GVHSS, Mananthavady
Designation:Data Scientist
Company:Travancore Analytics – Thiruvananthapuram
Description:Primary responsibility was developing PoCs Analyzed the sales data and done market basket analysis for an online grocery store. Conducted sentiment analysis and demographic segmentation on twitter and Facebook data (PoC). Conversion of SAS code into R code (To generate quality control plots).
Designation:Marketing Manager
Company:Pentacircle Informatics Pvt. Ltd, Kollam
Description:Marketing of software products
Designation:Data Analyst
Company:Grameen Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Description:Key responsibility was introduction of new insurance products by undertaking market research.
Designation:Data Analyst (MR) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
Description:Key responsibilities were survey data analysis using SPSS, preparing Spreadsheet and PowerPoint deliverables and peer QC. Worked on Mobile, Print Media and Pharmaceutical sectors and used statistical techniques like Clustering, chi-square test, ANOVA, t-test, frequency etc
Designation:Freelance SAS Analyst
Company:Lancaster University & Kern Investment LLC
Description:Undertook data extraction from raw data files and creation of SAS data sets including cleaning, sorting and merging. Analysed data using SPSS and prepared and prepared reports in Excel.
Course: others ( B.Sc - Agriculture )
University:College of agriculture, trivandrum
Duration: - 1996
Course: others ( MBA )
University:Indian institute of forest management
Duration: - 2006