Designing a Recommendation System for Retail to Achieve Multiple Business Objectives

This session aims to acquaint the audience with the caveats of designing a real life system when there are multiple business objectives that need to be satisfied. To solve for these objectives one needs to understand the data well, understand how to maximize a particular metric, delve into whether the measurement system is adequate or not etc. The ultimate aim of data science is to have a positive impact on your business and the talk would take them through the process of how this is achieved.



Gaurav Dhama

Gaurav Dhama has over 6 years of experience in the data science and machine learning domain where he has worked with HSBC and Amex in similar roles delivering machine learning products in travel, retail, e-commerce etc. across geographies. He is an expert in big data technologies like Spark & Storm and is currently working on developing auto-ml and recommendation systems at scale. He is currently working as the Senior Analyst at Mastercard Data and Services.

Duration of Hack-Session: 1 hour

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