Business Executive to AI leader – A CXO’s invite-only roundtable hands-on workshop
This is an exclusive, invite-only roundtable hands-on workshop. If you wish to receive an invitation request, please nominate yourself to be a part of this workshop here : https://goo.gl/forms/GHrKULagHgVcXZUA2  
About Workshop:
Artificial Intelligence is widely being promoted as the new engine for growth lately and there is also a lot of hype and uncertainty around it. Yet, the phenomenal growth of companies such as Google, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix and lot more is clear evidence that data-driven companies who know how to monetize the value of data can dramatically accelerate their growth. Rapid growth is key in this mindset!
In this workshop Tarry will take you into a hands-on interactive mode to help you align vision, identify potential MVP (minimum viable projects) Artificial Intelligence projects. He will guide you through how to move from a “digital vision in silos” to a “aligned and unified strategy” and industrializing successful pilots to scale. He will then guide you into how you achieve that within hours, days and weeks based on deepkapha.ai’s HDW Data Model** . This is based on his proven track record in helping CEOs/Chairman, CFO, CIO, CDO and CMO of global companies (revenues ranging from  $15Bn – 120Bn) as both an entrepreneur and management advisor to corporate enterprises during his 20+ years of experience.
  • CxOs and aspiring Chief AI Officers will gain actionable insights into identifying real value of data they can identify and monetise
  • Learn how to envision, plot, hypothesise and eventually down-select the most MVAI P (most viable AI project) for piloting and finally
  • Evaluate the maturity of your organization from 5 critical organizational pillars for success namely,
    • Data-Driven Readiness
    • Experience-driven Readiness
    • Operational Readiness
    • Technology Platform Readiness and
    • Organizational Readiness
Who can attend this workshop?
  • Founders & CEOs
  • CTOs, CIOs, CMOs, CROs, CFOs
  • Principal Data Scientists, Chief Analytics Officers
  • Heads – Finance, Analytics, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources

Structure / Workflow

  • 1 hour presentation of real-world case studies which Tarry has personally advised CxOs of multinationals (€25 ~ €120Bn annual revenues) on their data-driven AI journey
  • A hands-on workshop to map, identify, hypothesise (data-driven hypothesis) cases for workshop members


Tarry Singh

Tarry has over 17 years of experience working with data and has advised CxOs of global organizations to setup data-driven organizations from scratch. He speaks regularly at global AI leadership summits worldwide and conducts workshops on a regular basis with his TAs who are currently PhDs in various disciplines such as NLP, Computer Vision, Robotics disciplines. He also participates in co-supervising Deep Learning PhD projects related to above areas with world’s leading universities in Germany, US and China. Tarry is Adj. Professor/ Guest Lecturer to UTD Dallas, University of Chicago, Copenhagen University, Charité Berlin, University of. Catalunya, Barcelona. Tarry is a seasoned entrepreneur currently also co-founder of two other AI startups focusing on enterprise data management in the new “Dataset Economy” ellie.fi as well as a stealth “NewCo”, a Kaggle4Healthcare kind startup that will focus on bringing deep learning to healthcare rapidly.

Workshop Date:
24th November, 2018

Workshop Venue:
Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore

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Process to enroll for this workshop:
  • This is an exclusive, invite-only roundtable hands-on workshop. If you wish to receive an invitation request, please nominate yourself to be a part of this workshop here : https://goo.gl/forms/GHrKULagHgVcXZUA2
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation
  • Conference & Workshop Ticket Charges: Rs 30,000 + Taxes
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