Big Data and AI for Policy and Governance – Opportunity for India  

The implementation, evaluation and framing of policies can often be quite problematic in developing countries like India, Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. This is primarily because these countries do not have the data required for making those kind of high-level as well as granular decisions, whether it’s futuristic, historic or impact evaluation.

And it’s simply not feasible to do a survey every time you need to collect this kind of data, because it takes a ton of money, time and manual effort. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come into play.

These fields are starting to gather momentum in countries like India, and there’s an expectation that the gap can be filled by different facets of Big Data and machine learning. This can help the policy makers understand if a certain policy works, how it’s effects look like on a sample population size, etc.

AI and ML functions like pattern recognition and data mining are critical for India, because we need to figure out a policy for two kinds of things:

  • How do you develop the manpower, with the skillset of Big Data, AI and ML? How can the government play a core role in this?

  • How do you bring AI to make a direct impact on policy making?

  • Dr. Pulak Ghosh, faculty of Decision Sciences and Center of Public Policy of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), will answer these pertinent and pressing questions in this much anticipated talk at DataHack Summit 2018.



    Dr. Pulak Ghosh is currently a faculty of Decision Sciences and Center of Public Policy of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). He also holds the IIMB Chair Professor of Excellence position. Prof. Ghosh serves as a senior fellow at Niti Aayog (Govt of India’s highest policy making body) and consults the Govt. on various issues of Economics, Agriculture, Data driven Policy, AI etc.

    His main research and teaching interest are in Big data, Machine learning, AI, Fintech Economics, and public policy. Pulak has published over 70 research articles in internationally reputed journals. He is currently serving in the editorial board of the Journal of Royal Statistical Society and served in the editorial board of Journal of the American Statistical Association.

    Prof. Ghosh was the Advisory group of Big data at the United Nations (UN) Global Pulse, a big data initiative by UN. He is a member of the prestigious Karnataka Knowledge Commission and Co-Chairman of the big data initiative. He is Executive member of the start-up council of Govt. of Rajasthan. Prof. Ghosh is a senior advisor of McKinsey for big data and emerging technologies. He serves in the advisory board of various organizations, and also member of various national and international committees on big data, AI and fintech. He has been named as one of the top 5 data scientist in the world (of Indian origin) by Techradar in 2017.

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