Souradip Chakraborty

Statistical Analyst, Walmart Labs

Souradip Chakraborty currently works as a Statistical Analyst in Walmart Labs in International Sourcing domain. He has over 3 US patents filed (as a part of Walmart Labs) in the field of AI and Machine Learning applications in Retail Domain. He has also been a part of ANZ Bank, Tata Steel Research and Development and Petrabytes in the field of Data Science.

He did his Masters from Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore (Batch Topper) and have publications in ISI Journal in the field of Multivariate Statistics and Quality Control.

Apart from that he has several publications in the field of Advanced Recommender systems using Natural Language Processing ,Computer Vision and Mathematical Morphology , also an IEEE publication in Stability Analysis of Network Control System.

Did his graduation from Jadavpur University in the field of Electronics engineering and has worked as a research analytical engineer in Amec Foster Wheeler Pvt Ltd for 2 years and received special mention from Clients like Exxon Mobil.


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