Data Scientist at H2O.ai, Kaggle Grandmaster, AV Rank 1

Sudalai Rajkumar (aka SRK) is a Data Scientist at H2O.ai Inc, building Driverless AI, an automated machine learning platform. Prior to this, he was with Freshworks, Tiger Analytics and Global Analytics. He has solved a lot of interesting data science problems for various customers across the globe in multiple domains including finance, e-commerce, online advertising, health care, transportation, retail. He has worked on varied problems ranging from doing simple analysis on structured data to natural language processing and voice analytics in his career.

Apart from his day job, he takes part in various data science competitions to enhance his knowledge and has won several of them. He is a Kaggle Grandmaster in Competitions & Kernels section. He was currently ranked #1 on AV’s platform as well.


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