We are an applied AI enterprise, with our roots at Carnegie Mellon University and having world’s leading Machine Learning and Deep Learning experts in our founding team, we bring in next generation Artificial Intelligence techniques to the Enterprise. Having a combined AI experience of more than 200+ years at the highest level, our team has contributed to some of the most successful, world Leading AI Technologies and Projects.

Our Chief Academic, Allen Newell University Professor Jaime Carbonell is considered as a leading contributor in areas of Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing. Jaime also Founded the “Language Technology Institute” at Carnegie Mellon University which is the mecca for Language technologies, LTI has contributed in the building of IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and many other legendary AI Platforms and breakthroughs Under this leadership we are determined to continuously transform the enterprise by building and inventing game changing AI technologies and teaching programs.

Innosential has created multiple programs in various areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, these programs have been handcrafted with respect to the industry needs and are created by the Founders of the AI Lab of CMU and other AI Experts like Allen Newell, University Prof. Jaime Carbonell Director Founder LTI, CMU, Prof. Bhiksha Raj IEEE fellow, and Prof. at CMU’s School of Computer Science and Language Technologies Institute, Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand ex Professor at University of Warwick and Founder of Tatras Data, Joy Mustafi, Director Salesforce and Founder and Visiting AI Scientist at Innnosential AI, Vikas Agrawal, Principal Data Scientist Oracle, Mukesh Jain, AI & Data Science Leader (Ex-Microsoft & Jio).
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