Anand Mishra

Head of Engineering, Analytics Vidhya

Anand Mishra is Head of Engineering at Analytics Vidhya. He is an entrepreneur, an engineer and a data science professional all rolled into one.

He co-founded MudraCircle, the true lending marketplace leveraging machine learning to fulfill SME loans. Before MudraCircle, Anand has worked across several companies like Lendingkart, HTMedia as Head of Data Science, Tickled Media, Infoedge India and Opera Solutions. He brings experience across several domains including E-Commerce, Fashion and Retail.

Anand earned his B.Tech and M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He specializes in analytical problem solving, especially machine learning, classification, regression, and decision optimization. His thesis focused on automatically annotating large image collections on the web using a combination of weighted feature-classifier pairs.