Workshop: Building Scalable Recommendation Systems

Nov 16, 2019


Hotel La Marvella, Bengaluru

Recommendation Systems are the backbone of some of the most awesome products we see around today. If you have done shopping on Amazon or Flipkart you may have come across things like:
  • People who bought this product also bought
  • Products recommended for you
Whether watching videos of Youtube, buying food online, listening to your favorite songs on or finding your loved one on Tinder, you certainly would have hit some of their recommendation systems. For users these systems help in finding things they may like and for companies it increases user engagement and satisfaction which directly impacts their bottom line Apart from these, recommendation systems are used in a plethora of industries like fintech, retail, E-commerce and even search Have you ever thought how do they generate these precise recommendations in real time for millions of users? In this workshop we will answer this question where we will take case studies from different industries, refine the business problem to a Machine Learning problem and show how it is scaled up to work for millions of users. We will try to do everything from scratch so you get a deep understanding of these systems

Topics we will be covering in the workshop:

  • What are Recommendation Systems?
    • Definition
    • Real life examples
    • Defining data for recommendation systems
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Linear Algebra
    • Types of machine learning algorithms
    • The row and column picture
    • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Collaborative Filtering Approaches
    • User – item approaches
    • Item – item approaches
    • Dimensionality Reduction in Collaborative Filtering
  • The Cold Start Problem
  • Content Based Approaches
  • Hybrid approaches
    • Mixing Collaborative Filtering and Content based approaches
  • Evaluation Metrics
    • Theoretical: Accuracy, Precision, Recall, ROC
    • Practical Evaluation Metrics – Business Metrics, A/B Testing, Google Analytics
  • Association Rule Mining and Market Basket Analysis
  • Building APIs and scaling them up
  • Search as a Recommendation system
  • Deployment of these systems

Case Studies we will be covering in the workshop:

  • Building a job recommendation system for a jobs portal
  • Video recommender system similar to YouTube
  • Optimizing product placement in Retail to increase sales
  • Food discovery similar to Uber Eats

Hands on projects we will be doing in the workshop:

  • Building a movie rating recommendation system (similar to Netflix)
  • Building a Song Recommendation System
  • Building a Semantic Search system


The workshop is having both theory and hands-on parts.
  • No Machine Learning knowledge is required
  • Basics of Python Programming are necessary to follow the hands-on part.
  • System Setup
    • Laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM
    • Install Full Anaconda (Resource)
    • Install the following packages:
      • Gensim
      • Flask
    •  Install PyCharm (Resource) [Optional]
  •  Pre-Reads
    • Programming knowledge in Python (Resource)
    • Basics of Linear Algebra (Resource)
Venue :- Hotel La Marvella - A Sarovar Premiere Hotel, Bangalore South-End Circle 2nd block, No 1, 15th Cross Rd, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Map :-
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