Avi Patchava

Co-Founder, Bright Money

Avi Patchava is a highly-recognized data science leader in India with experience in leading 14 different products, including B2C apps. He specializes in A.I. tech that adds value to digital and mobile products.

He is the Co-Founder and President of Bright Capital Inc., an A.I. FinTech company focused on the U.S. Consumer market. He was a leader in McKinsey’s Advanced Analytics Practice in Asia where he led teams to design, build and implemented 20+ Machine Learning models in the Financial sector, Advertising, and Sales – including in finance, asset management and credit.

After McKinsey, Avi was a VP, Data Sciences and Machine Learning at InMobi. He was part of the Engineering and Product Leadership teams – designed and built solutions for 14 InMobi Product lines, including Performance marketing and User acquisition), Market Research (InMobi Pulse) and B2C business (Glance app on Samsung and Xiaomi devices).

Avi holds graduate degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. He also teaches the Data Science session for the Sequoia Surge start-up program.