Panel Discussion: Why do ~85% of AI Projects Fail?

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 1

60 minutes

AI in Enterprise

Last year, industry research firm Gartner made an audacious prediction: that 85 percent of AI projects don’t deliver. That means in 20 artificial intelligence projects, only three will succeed – 17 of them will fall short. With all the buzz and talk about AI technologies, that’s an interesting and surprising fact.

While big tech giants like Google and Apple are researching and developing a whole lot of AI practices and technologies, the significant majority of companies, technology or otherwise, are lagging far behind.  Right now, it seems that most companies don’t know what AI can do for them. 

This panel discussion involving top industry leaders in AI discuss these scathing questions on AI and their success rate in today’s world.


Key Takeaways:

What are the common challenges to getting AI right for the companies?

Some examples of success and failure of AI in the industry.

We have been talking about AI for quite a while. Will this take new generations of leadership to succeed?

  • Dr. Om Deshmukh

    Senior Director – Analytics Solutions & Data Sciences Innovations

    Envestnet | Yodlee

  • Avi Patchava


    Bright Money

  • Eric Weber

    Senior Director and Head of Data Science & Strategic Development


  • Tarry Singh

    Chairman and CEO,

  • Kunal Jain

    Founder & CEO

    Analytics Vidhya

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