Practical Tricks for Bootstrapping Information Extraction Pipelines


In this presentation, I will build on Ines Montani's keynote, "Applied NLP in the Age of Generative AI," by demonstrating how to create an information extraction pipeline. This pipeline will include a text classifier to filter relevant articles, an entity recognizer to identify names and numeric data, and a relation extraction system developed with the help of a large language model (LLM) powered human-in-the-loop annotation process. The talk will focus on using the spaCy NLP library and the Prodigy annotation tool, although the principles discussed will also apply to other frameworks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to construct an information extraction pipeline using text classification, entity recognition, and relation extraction.
  • Discover the integration of LLM-powered human-in-the-loop annotation processes to enhance relation extraction systems.
  • Understand the practical application of the spaCy NLP library and Prodigy annotation tool in building NLP solutions.


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