There are several free online resources available depending on how deep you want to go:best resources to learn microstrategy

MicroStrategy Free Online Courses – It can be accessed by using MicroStrategy account.  These are free and  good self-paced resources including quizes to test your knowledge.

You Tube Channel – You can also find more videos on YouTube page of MicroStrategy. Here you can find videos related with advance methods of representing information along with application of MicroStrategy in different domain.

eBooks – There are various books (pdf) available to read about MicroStrategy. Most recommended books for MicroStrategy are:

Basic Reporting Guide

Advanced Reporting Guide

Discussion Forum – While working through the software, you can run into various trouble and suggestions. MicroStrategy gives a platform to interact with experts, development team and your peers.

  • Discussion Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Idea Exchange
  • Developer Zone



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