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Here list of best blogs / tutorials available on Julia Programming for beginners. These resources consists of interactive websites, videos and blogs from where you can get a complete learning of this programming language.


1. Getting Started with Julia

If you have no clue about Julia, yet you want to master this language, this is an apt starter for you. This article presents a brief overview of this programming language and explains why is it being considered as challenger for R and Python.


2. Official Documentation on Julia

This is an official documentation on Julia Programming, which itself is a comprehensive guide which provides overview on all the aspects of Julia Programming.


3. Interactive Tutorials on Julia

This tutorial will allow you to learn Julia by doing it simultaneously. This is an interactive tutorials which will walk you through creating a project in Julia Studio and have your write your first program.


4. Youtube Videos – Julia Programming (JuliaCon 2015)

Just like R Programming and Python, Julia Programming receives a wide support of active members and as a result of which, the initiative of Julia Conference started a couple years back. This conference comprises of talks and workshops which intends to cover a wide range of applications and tutorials of Julia Programming. If not all, you should check out these videos to understand the power of Julia.


5. YouTube Videos – Julia Programming (JuliaCon 2014)

Here’s the Youtube videos from Julia Conference 2014. This conference featured tutorials and workshops on amazing topics such as Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis, Visualization and many powerful applications of Julia Programming language.


6. Julia Bloggers

Here’s another platform to learn more about Julia Programming. This website is solely focussed upon sharing knowledgeable content on development, tips & tricks, updates on Julia Programming.


7. Learn Julia by doing – First Steps with Julia

This is a data science competition launched by Kaggle which is focussed on teaching this language using a problem statement. Learn by doing is one of the best way to master a new topic. This competition include tutorials to highlight julia features which elaborates the ease of writing codes in julia due to its intuitive syntax and design.


8. Julia Tutorials at MIT

These tutorials were recorded during MIT Independent activites period in 2013. These tutorials cover topics such as fourier transform, data analysis, statistical models, parallel computing and many other essentials of data science. Following these tutorials is an another great way to learn master this programming language interactively.


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