Module 1

What is Data Science?

Course Ends 8th 15th July

We get numerous queries related to learning Data Science. Most of them are questions like “What is Data Science?” or “How to become a data scientist?” – which are asked us multiple times every day.

So this week is specially defined to give you a taste of what Data Science entails & its applications, what are the skills involved to convert a business problem to a data science problem and the skills required to do Data Science. Rest assured, this is the best place to start your journey about learning data science!

The agenda for week 1 includes the following:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Applications of Data Science in different domains
  • Basics of Python

How to access the module

  1. Apply here to get your student account verified. If you are not registered, register and then apply for student verification. Your profile will be verified within 24-48 hours.
  2. Once the profile is verified, you will receive an email of verification.
  3. You can now access the course module here. Make sure you login before you can access the course




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