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Analytics Vidhya Campus Ambassador Program

Be the star to lead the campus efforts of world’s leading data science community in your college. Showcase your passion for Data Science in your campus and be the flag bearers of the young data science generation.

Who we are ?

Analytics Vidhya is India’s largest and one of the world’s leading data science community and knowledge portal. It is a passionate community for Analytics / Data Science Enthusiasts and aims at bringing together influencers and learners to augment and share knowledge.

We get more than 1.7 Million monthly visits and have over 100,000+ active registered users in our database.


Why Become The AV Campus Ambassador?

  • Exposure to one of the world’s largest Data Science community.
  • Gain marketing and community building experience at your campus which would be certified by us at successfully completing the internship.
  • Special Analytics Vidhya cool merchandises to show off to your peers.
  • Letter of recommendation and LinkedIn recommendations for the best ambassadors.
  • Chance to connect with India’s largest community and discuss your career path with industry mentors
  • Complimentary conferences and summit and workshop passes for outstanding work.
  • Stipend on fulfilment of targets.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Introduce Analytics Vidhya to young data scientists in your campus.
  • Be face of Analytics Vidhya and get us connected to Analytics/Coding society and clubs in your college.
  • Represent Analytics Vidhya as exclusive ‘Data Science Partner’ at your college festivals.
  • Facilitate logistics for various workshops and webinars which Analytics Vidhya will deliver in your campus.
  • Organise student meet-ups and hang out sessions and get more engagement in your college.


  • A student in his/her 2nd or pre final year of college.
  • Be prominent in student societies and must be active in Data Science events.
  • Have strong interest in Analytics and data science.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Passionate about spreading awareness in their universities or even in nearby colleges about data science & analytics
Are you super excited to be a part of this programme?