1. Who can participate in Student DataFest 2018?

Any Student currently enrolled in any institution or university (full time) can be a part of Student DataFest 2018.


2. How can I participate in the Student DataFest 2018?

Each component of the Student DataFest has separate registration channel

To avail the training course: Update your student verification form Register button. Once your ID is verified within 24hrs you will get a mail to the link for training course.

To register for Hackathons, Skill Tests, Webinars: Links will be available on the respective cards you can register to enrol for them.


3. Is there any fee involved?

No, there is no fee for any of the component of Student DataFest 2018


4. I have subscribed to the Hackathons. What to do next?

Keep your Student ID updates to avail all the components and to be eligible for cash prizes.


5. What is the prize and point distribution?

You can check that on the prizes section


6. Is there something for corporates?

Yes, you can hire top talents as interns. Just drop us an email on [email protected]




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