Should I become a Data Scientist?

Estimate the number of Females less than 14 years of age across the globe (with out a calculator)?


What describes your approach to problem solving in the best manner?


Do you enjoy deep research and can spend hours slicing and dicing data?


You and your manager have worked very hard on a project for last 12 months. Just before entering the meeting with the client for final presentation of the project, your manager had to leave due to unavoidable personal reasons.

What do you do next?


You and your college friend are talking about good old college days in a pub. All of a sudden, he interrupts you in between and asks you whether you have tried out the new cab service in town.

What do you do?


How do you feel when you come across this riddle:

Drill a hole thru a sphere such that the height of what remains of the sphere is 10 cm. What is its remaining volume? (BTW, this riddle was endorsed by Elon Musk to be a good riddle)


Almost there!

While we analyze your answers, please provide the following details

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