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CPEE – Big Data Analytics and Optimization is for students interested in all aspects of Analytics including working with Big Data using Hadoop.

The course is fast paced to suit the needs of students, working professionals and employers. Each week, students spend 16 hours in the classroom. Most students spend another 20-40 hours on self-study, assignments, quizzes and project work during week days.

Programming Expertise: R, Hadoop and its Ecosystem

Topical Expertise: Statistical Modeling, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Text Mining and Optimization

Techniques: Regression, Time Series, Decision Trees, Clustering, Association Rules, K-Nearest Neighbors, Neural Nets, SVM, Genetic Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulations, Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, etc.

Infrastructure Requirement:

INSOFE will provide students with all the course material in soft & hard copies. However, students should carry their individual laptops for lab sessions. Please find the minimum configuration required:

  • Minimum required is 4 GB RAM comfortable is 8 GB
  • i5 / i3 Processor
  • Hard disk 50 GB for VM (Max)
  • Virtualization technology must be enabled (VTX -enabled in bios)

Fee Structure:

The details of the fee structure of the INSOFE’s CPEE programs are given below:

Fee Type                                                                                                                Amount

Application Fee Rupee                                                                                           950

Installment Mode (interest-free)

Admission Fee (Installment 1)                                                                         Rupee 1,00,000 + 12.36% Tax

Installment 2                                                                                                             Rupee 65,000 + 12.36% Tax

Installment 3                                                                                                             Rupee 60,000 + 12.36% Tax

Program Fee (Non-installment mode)-

5% discount on regular fee

To be paid at the time of admission                                                                 Rupee 2,13,750 + 12.36% Tax


18 weekends of classroom + 150 hours of Project



Part Time/Full Time:

Part Time

Course Start Date:

15 Nov 2014

Admission Process:

Based on the track you choose, you need to take the corresponding entrance examination.

  • Eligibility-

Academic record, work experience, 60% on entrance exam

  • Entrance Exam Waiver-

The examination is waived for those who have a standardized test and meet below minimum requirements.

Exam             Verbal (Minimum)           Quant (Minimum)           Overall Score (Minimum)

GRE                    145                                         155                                         300

GMAT                 20                                          30                                         550

Relevant work experience, grades in latest academic degrees and performance in online admission test form the basis for admission. Seats are limited and those meeting the above requirements will be offered admission on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Optional orientation session and one-on-one counseling and advising sessions are conducted frequently for the qualified candidates. We encourage candidates to attend these sessions as they provide the necessary orientation to the course. Interested candidates are requested to schedule these sessions by contacting our counselor at +91-9502334561/63.