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This course is for all of those struggling with data analysis.

Using video lectures and hands-on exercises, we will teach you cutting-edge techniques and best practices that will boost your data analysis and visualization skills.

We will take a deep dive into data analysis with spreadsheets: PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, Named ranges, what-if analyses, making great graphs – all those will be covered in the first weeks of the course. After, we will investigate the quality of the spreadsheet model, and especially how to make sure your spreadsheet remains error-free and robust.

Finally, once we have mastered spreadsheets, we will demonstrate other ways to store and analyze data. We will also look into how Python, a programming language, can help us with analyzing and manipulating data in spreadsheets.

EX101x will be created using Excel 2013, but the course can be followed using another spreadsheet program as well.

Important Date

6 Apr 2015


8 weeks

4-6 hours per week

Full time/Part time

Part time

  • Some experience in working with spreadsheets (with software such as Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Spreadsheets and etc.)
  • MS- Excel
  • Python
  • FelienneHermans
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