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The applications of Business Analytics span the entire gamut of functional areas of business, ranging from banking, insurance, HRM, to marketing planning and marketing research and supply chain management.

One very important aspect of Business Analytics is data warehousing, which involves three phases: Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). Data mining which gives the rules and patterns from large volume of data as stored in data warehouse is being described as a virtual goldmine waiting to be utilized fully. Extraction of knowledge in the form of rules and patterns from data in an ocean of information is the basic task of a data mining professional. With basic mathematical skills and knowledge of software programming, a career in data mining becomes a feasible proposition. Since raw data must be transformed into usable insight, the impact of data mining is tremendous in decision support system.

Along with data mining, business intelligence tools have revolutionized business decision-making. To cite an instance, OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) tools like Oracle Enterprise BI Server, SAS Enterprise BI Server and IBM Cognos provide drill-down, slicing and dicing capabilities that enhance the ability to sort and analyze data.

These capabilities have been shown to result in significant operational efficiency and productivity enhancement. It is therefore essential that practicing managers have a basic proficiency in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence tools.

Course duration: 3 months

Classes will be conducted by eminent professors and industry experts in the weekends (SAT & SUN) in Mumbai/ Kolkata /Delhi /Bengaluru and in addition to these, there will be one-week learning in IIM Ranchi.

While staying in Ranchi for one-week learning, the students will be provided accommodation by IIM Ranchi.

Part time/Full time: Part time

Under Graduation/ Post Graduation in any discipline with at least one subject on Mathematics/Statistics/Operations Research/ or any other quantitative subject, candidates with work experience will be given preference.

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