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Model building is the most sought after skill and probably the APEX work profile in analytics vertical. A number of business scenarios in lending business / telecom / automobile etc. require logistic regression model building.

The course promises to explain concepts in a crystal clear manner. It goes through the practical issue faced by analyst. Some of the discussion items would be:

  • How to clarify objective and ensure data sufficiency.
  • How to go for variable selection? How to deal with numeric variables and character variables.
  • What is the approach to take when you starting with 1000 variables vs. when you are starting with 150 variables.
  • Understanding multi collinearity removal steps and recommendations.
  • Understanding step wise regression
  • Understanding different section of logistic regression output
  • Understanding the strength of the model

Duration: – 15 Days

Full Time/Part Time:

Part Time

Fees: – INR  36,000

  • The course should be taken by analytic’s professional, so that they can do a great job in their work place or can think of shifting to the modelling profile. This can also be taken by job aspirants.
  • SAS
  • Gopal Prasad Malakar
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Consider this course only in case of a specific need – if you company uses SAS and you want to build Logistic regressions on it. Given the price, there might be other options to have a look.