Analytics Vidhya Creators Club

Analytics Vidhya is on a mission to create an ecosystem ready for the data science revolution. We aim to make data science knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.

With this purpose as our focus, we started the Data Science Blogathons about a year ago. The objectives of the blogathon are clear:

1. Publish and promote high-quality content in the form of articles to help our community gain as much knowledge as possible.

2. Enable data science specialists to share their skills and experiences.

3. Nurture subject matter experts across diverse data science domains

Blogathon 12 is currently live! Register Now: Data Science Blogathon-12

To say that these blogathons have been successful would be an understatement. The Blogathons received overwhelming support from the community! Throughout the blogathons that we have organized so far, we have published over 1200 articles from a diverse group of authors.

While we will be continuing these blogathons in the future as well – we have decided to further scale up this attempt by providing encouragement to both our existing authors and any new ones who want to start writing about Data Science and Machine Learning.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the Analytics Vidhya Creators Club.


Analytics Vidhya Creators Club: Benefits

If you have published 3 or more articles, congratulations! You are now a club member. As a member, here are your benefits:

1. Write and Earn: Upto INR1500*(≅ USD 22) for every article that you publish

2. Become a Course Reviewer: Based on your profile, you would get agreed remuneration and recognition for reviewing courses by Analytics Vidhya

3. Build your Brand: You would get all possible support from Analytics Vidhya and the freedom to create your own type of content.

4. Access to high-quality Courses: Any one of Analytics Vidhya’s self-paced courses free of cost per year

5. Network with your Peers: Access to all online Analytics Vidhya conferences and events.

For all other awesome authors,

If you have published fewer than 3 articles so far across all our Blogathons, don’t worry – you can still become a Club Member!

1. Write and Earn: Upto INR1500*(≅ USD 22) for every published article that crosses 500 views.

2. Become a Creators Club member: You can also use any ongoing Blogathon to promote yourself to the Analytics Vidhya Creators Club!

We will update the member list with new members at the end of each blogathon to make sure that all authors get a chance to become Club members. This is an awesome opportunity to build your profile, become a household name in the field of machine learning, and network with like-minded peers to enhance your skillset!

Disclaimer: Analytics Vidhya holds the right to change the rules and eligibility of the Analytics Vidhya Creators Club. Members would be informed of any changes, if so.