Analytics Vidhya is on a mission to create the next generation data science ecosystem. We aim to make data science knowledge accessible to as many people as possible. We aim to play an active role in enabling people to create products enabled by Data Science and Machine Learning.

So, if you can create pieces of work which make data science easier to apply, we promise to put it in front of the world.


What can you expect by being a member of Analytics Vidhya’s Premium Writer’s Club?

  • Visibility in front of our community — We have an awesome community passionate about data science and machine learning. Millions of people across the globe use Analytics Vidhya as their source of knowledge. Your work will be showcased in front of this community
  • Recognition as a subject matter expert — Many authors have got an unparalleled recognition through their posts and work on Analytics Vidhya
  • Network with our community of over 2,80,000 data science and machine learning professionals and enthusiasts
  • Get feedback on your content from our Editors — We know how to make content which people love. Our experienced team of editors will provide you with feedback based on this experience
  • Exclusive offers on Analytics Vidhya’s products, including courses and DataHack Summit tickets


What do we expect from you?

  • High-quality content – Our focus is on creating high-quality content as it helps the community effectively. We maintain this bar across all pieces of work and are looking for writers who share the same passion
  • Consideration of any feedback provided on your writing. We will provide you thorough feedback on your article
  • We need the content to be free from any plagiarism. Any plagiarism, if detected, would lead to a ban of the author and deletion of all the articles


Where can I start writing?

Start a new Google document by clicking below and share it with [email protected] We will respond within 2 business days.


Can you earn money by publishing on Analytics Vidhya?

The aim of Analytics Vidhya is to make data science knowledge accessible to everyone. In order to do this, we encourage people to share as much as they can with the community for free. However, we can definitely discuss a remuneration fee based on your experience, contribution, and quality of articles.


Writing Guidelines for Analytics Vidhya

  • Any content which is published on Analytics Vidhya’s blog would reflect under your own author profile. That’s right – you will get an exclusive author profile page on Analytics Vidhya
  • Do note that articles submitted to Analytics Vidhya’s blog must be detailed and unique – duplicate content or marketing material will not be published
  • If the author would like to republish their article that has already been posted on Analytics Vidhya, they may request Analytics Vidhya for permission to reprint elsewhere
  • We do not encourage outgoing links within the blog article unless it significantly benefits our community and their knowledge
  • Any article published should have a direct call to action. How exactly can it benefit the reader? Theory is good, but practical is a must
  • The more specific your article is, the better it would be. For example, ‘5 tips to improve your predictive models’ is better than ‘How to improve predictive models?’