Success Stories


We received many appreciations and positive feedback from our users on the eve of our 3rd anniversary. Here they GO!

Aayush Agrawal 

“Analytics Vidhya has a great contribution in turning me into a data scientist. I cannot thank them enough for guiding me the right way from the start.”

Their blogs and hackathons gave me competitive edge in terms of learning. I’m ranked 3rd and moderator on discussion portal, which is a great addition to my CV and helped me get through many job offers. I got chance to interact and learn from some of the best Data scientists of the world (including some Top Kagglers).aayush

Analytics as a field is rapidly changing and to keep up the pace we need to keep learning, I suggest the other aspiring data scientists to follow Analytics Vidhya regularly and keep themselves updated about latest trends and techniques used in the field. Either you are a newbie or a skilled professional there is always some learning with which you can walk home as winners.


Shuvayan Das

“AV is the Kaggle + KD Nuggets + Data Science Central, but with time all will be left behind because AV is a different breed and all of us together are going to build it to be the Wikipedia of Data Science.”

My passion about analytics brought me into contact with AV two years ago, thereafter it has been my biggest mentor in forming my career. I was associated with it through writing articles,participating in the discussion forum and finally an internship in AV. I learned so much from the internship that I cannot really put it across in words. shuvayan

The hackathons actually tell you how deep in water you really are and how good a swimmer you actually are,but yes there are many experts to learn from and so ultimately if you keep flapping you will learn to swim nicely.

The best thing about AV is the practical approach to analytics which is imbibed in the articles. Too much theory without knowing when and where to apply it is of no use. This is what differentiates AV and is it’s pillar I would say.


Vikash Singh 

“People range from industry experts to beginners and the exposure you get here is very wide.”

AV community is awesome. Vikash

I have participated in many hackathons here and the learning is always great, as well as a lot of fun. Hackathons have helped me build my confidence and ….. The best feature of AV is the existence of live discussions on slack through which we can share ideas and thoughts. It’s simply an amazing community that AV has built 🙂


Pradeep Balachandran

“AV imparts apt training to the numerous aspirants in this field, guiding them in the proper way and most importantly, instilling confidence in them.”

Though a 3 year old baby as of now, but AV has in it embedded , long term vision of free and unbounded knowledge dissemination to society analogous to dictum that the entire forward projection of a tree is embedded and programmed in the SEED stage itself. I must appreciate your introductory video lecture released for the new beginner’s course in which you proved your vision of emerging as the single window or common pool of resources for ‘Data Analytics Domain’, for the benefit of the aspirant pool.


Karthikeyan P

“To me, Analytics Vidhya is the finest portal that one can find in google. It is one of the best places where I can keep myself updated with the trends of analytics industry.”

I have been in analytics and data sciences space for close to 2 years. Initially I strongly believed that I had the knowledge to execute, but being a newbie I was expecting some kind of support. At that stage, I came across Analytics Vidhya – the blog and the discussion portal – which helped me to fill the gap in skills. Knowing that this portal has everything that I required to build a career as a data scientist, I followed it extensively. 

My biggest learning from AV comes by participating in hackathons. I go with one unilateral approach, but the knowledge that comes out from multiple dimensions from the participants of different background changes the entire spectrum of the learning experience.

I guarantee that one can expect the most authentic experience in their journey on learning analytics by just being in touch with Analytics Vidhya.


More on the way…