AV DataFest 2017 – Out in its Full Glory

Kunal Jain 18 Mar, 2017
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AV DataFest 2017 – Here we begin !!

This April, the world will see a battle fought by data scientists and data managers across the world. Tonnes of data will be transferred from one camp to another. Every weapon of machine learning will be applied and only the best, the most knowledgable, the most practical hackers and problem solvers will survive. There will be new heroes, who will rise to their glory and their will be empires who will fall.

Yes – I am talking about AV DataFest 2017. As you know, this April we are turning 4 and AV DataFest is our way of celebrating the occasion. In our previous article, we showered some light on how DataFest 2017 is going to turn out. Now, is the time to raise the curtains. Stay with me, as I unveil one of the grandest event in data science & analytics –  DATAFEST 2017.

In the battle of the Datavengers, we are assembling a team of best data scientists who will find answers to data science problems for human race. It is the survival of this fittest, so don’t miss this opportunity to prove your mettle against top data scientists from all over the world.


Come 1 April 2017

DataFest 2017 commences on 1 April 2017. It is a month-long event which brings together data scientists, analysts, data science evangelists, leaders & influencers from the industry. There are exhilarating competitions in machine learning, deep learning, probability, analytics & much more. Check out our latest DataFest website here.

Not only we are giving prizes to heroes in individual competitions, there will be additional prizes to overall DataFest. So, the best among all the winners will take away even more! The ranking on this leaderboard is cumulative of scores from all the competitions such as – Minihacks, skilltests, machine learning hackathon, blogathon and what’s your story.


Launch Party

The celebration begins with a Launch Party on 1 April @ 8 PM (IST). As we complete 4 years, our hearts are filled with exuberance and immense joy. We are raising our glasses to 4 years of hard work, passion, patience & success. Come toast with us and be part of our happiness.

To commemorate 4 years of our existence we bring to an exclusive session with one of the top thought leader in the industry. Come to the launch party and find out who it is.

Now, let’s find out the events which await you.


Competitions & Events

As promised DataFest  is going to bigger & better and one of a kind event. Before I introduce the competitions, let me bring out the biggest surprise of the year.

The top 3 rankers of DataFest will be our 3 most powerful Datavengers. These 3  Datavengers will be awarded cash prizes worth INR 1,80,000  (~$2750). After all, they have left no stone unturned in data science and machine learning. Isn’t it?

Rank 1: INR 100,000 (~$1525)

Rank 2: INR 50,000 (~$762)

Rank 3: INR 30,000 (~$457)


1. Celebrating Top Visionaries and Thought Leaders

During the DataFest, we bring you interactions with top visionaries and thought leaders from various founders in analytics & data science industry. Find out about their journey, startup story and how they were never stopped running to achieve their goal. These include inspiring stories from:

  • Mahesh Kumar, CEO & Founder, Tiger Analytics
  • Pankaj Kulshreshtha, CEO, Scienaptic Systems
  • Anil Kaul, CEO & Founder, AbsolutData
  • S.Anand, CEO & Co-Founder, Gramener
  • Kunal Jain, CEO & Founder, Analytics Vidhya

and many more


2. Machine Learning Hackathon

This Machine Learning Hackathon is not like every other hackathon you participate in. As we said, everything is going to bigger & better. So is this hackathon.

Date: 20 April – 23 April 2017

Top 5 rankers will take away cash prizes & merchandises. Stay tuned to know more details.


3. MiniHacks

These are our short duration hackathons. The problem statement is going to be challenging & intense. Top 3 winners of each MiniHack will take away cash prizes worth INR 60,000 (~$916)

  1. Rampaging DataHulk
  2. The QuickSolver


4. Skill Tests

As Datavengers, you need powers to buck up your chances to win.

Attain these skill powers to rise up on the leaderboard. To all the top 5 rankers of each skill power we are giving out AV branded merchandises.

  1. SkillPower: Probability
  2. SkillPower: Time Series
  3. SkillPower: Deep Learning
  4. SkillPower: Machine Learning


5. The Strategic Thor

The Strategic Thor is a strategic thinking competition to challenge your analytical thinking & decision making skills. Test how well equipped are your strategic skills. Top 3 winners will take away cash prizes worth INR 55,000 (~$810).


6. Practice tests

These are powerful tools which are essential for any data scientist to be adept in. If you are as aspiring data scientist then take these practice tests to find your skill level.

  1. PowerTools: R for Data Science
  2. PowerTools: Python for Data Science
  3. PowerTool: SQL
  4. PowerTool: Statistics


7. DataHack Hour

This is a new learning initiative from Analytics Vidhya – DataHack hour is for all data science beginners out there. Come to DataHack platform daily and solve interesting challenges & quizzes in an hour. You will have a problem, community members and all the help you need to solve these problems.

It is a 15 day journey to start and learn data science in most practical manner. This starts 16 April 2017.


8. The Mightiest Pen 

The Mightiest Pen is our blogging competition to evoke the data science evangelist in you. In this competitions are inviting all data science experts to share their knowledge with the world. Top 3 winners will take away cash prizes worth INR 10,000 (~$152).


9. Rise of the Hero

Rise of the Hero competition encourages all hero’s who have succeeded in data science industry against all adversities. Come share your story with us and we will publish 3 best stories on our blog. Top 3 winners will take away cash prizes worth INR 10,000 (~$152).


How to Participate?

To participate in all the above events. Follow the basic steps:

  • Subscribe for DataFest 2017 updates to know all the latest updates about any competition or event.
  • Register for events of your interest from datahack platform.


What’s else is expected?

Well – watch the stage unfold in the coming days as we send out invites to the mightiest heroes across the world. Subscribe for DataFest updates to know about the upcoming events. We will soon be sharing more details with you shortly. Look out for our next article.

This is just the beginning because the celebration is yet to start. Don’t miss it !!

If you wish you associated with the DATAFEST as speaker, sponsor or partner then write to us at [email protected].

Kunal Jain 18 Mar, 2017

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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