Keynote: Top Hacks from a Kaggle Grandmaster

Nov 15, 2019


Auditorium 1

60 minutes

ML Competitions

Winning a data science hackathon is really hard. Just think about the number of obstacles in your way:

  • A brand new problem statement we haven’t worked on before
  • A plethora of top data scientists competing to rise up the leaderboard
  • Time crunch! We have to understand the problem statement, put together a framework, clean the data, explore it, and build the model in a matter of a few hours
  • And then repeat the process!

A single decimal point could be the difference between the top 10 and the top 50. Isn’t this why we love hackathons in the first place? The thrill of seeing our hard work pay off with a rise in the leaderboard rankings is unparalleled.

In this hack session, learn from Kaggle Grandmaster Pavel Pleskov (current global rank #4) as he covers various tricks and tools which will help you to achieve outstanding results in any Data Science competition.

  • Pavel Pleskov

    Rank #4

    Kaggle Grandmaster

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