Power Talk: Borderless AI – A Healthcare Perspective

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 1

40 minutes

AI in Enterprise

AI in healthcare started when researchers who were specifically interested in deep learning, started sharing their results on their findings. Then came competitions where algorithms were beating human pathologists consistently on both accuracy and concurrency.
Yet in the real world, datasets do not come prepared and pre-processed. Tarry will share a few latest client & partner stories in ophthalmology, cytology and dental areas. He will discuss the challenges as well as the huge opportunity for data scientists and entrepreneurs who wish to make an impact on machine learning in healthcare.
Key Takeaways for the Audience
  1. How to use Machine Learning and Deep Learning inside your healthcare projects.
  2. Use of Computer Vision and NLP in Medical Applications
  3. From ideation to prototyping and developing physical products
  • Tarry Singh

    Chairman and CEO

    DeepKapha.ai, curae.ai

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