Power Talk: Can the Complex HR Analytics Space Benefit by using ML Models?

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 3

45 minutes

HR Analytics

HR Analytics has been one of the most interesting applications of Data Science. An area which is purely driven by human behavior has seen some very good applications of Data Science models in HR space. Organizations have been leveraging these models to find reasons of attrition, forecast attrition, optimize workforce allocation, study the impact of Training and development on Employee Motivation and also in the Hiring Process.
In this presentation, we talk about how data science models can be very effectively combined with Social Media, Social Network Analytics, Intra Organization Behaviour Analysis to fine-tune these models and add a lot more interesting dimensions to the entire study.
Can time spent on external websites during office hours be an indication of attrition?
Can limited/vast connections on LinkedIn be representative of your Leadership skills?
A LinkedIn profile update, followed by increased time spent on it…helps you identify an unhappy employee?
Can your post on FB about an indication of moving cities give a trigger to recruiters for hiring?
Why is compensation benchmarking on sites like Glassdoor, etc. important?
Uses of data science models in automating hiring process?
Check out the video below to know more about the talk.

  • Kavita Dwivedi

    Head - Data Science

    Infinite-Sum Modeling

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