Power Talk: Challenges in Application of Common Sense Knowledge, in NLP and AI solutions

Nov 14, 2019


Auditorium 2

30 minutes


Contextualizing NLP and AI solutions in the healthcare industry, is of paramount importance, as they can have a direct impact on patent safety. The talk will focus on the business impact and successful application of such solutions in the healthcare industry via ATH Precision – ‘Powerful Ecosystem for Business Integrated Analytics’. ATH Precision is a domain agnostic analytics eco-system built on the 4 pillars of – Contextualization, Connection, Collaboration and Institutionalization, that drives the development and application of advanced AI solutions in the healthcare domain, to mitigate business and patient risk.

Key Takeaway for the Audience:

  • Development and Application of advanced NLP solutions in Healthcare, for risk mitigation, via ATH Precision
  • Madhav Kaushik

    AVP, Client Solutions


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