Keynote: Data Science Is Not about How Many Models You Build

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 1

45 minutes

Machine Learning

As a data scientist, it is easy to think your impact is primarily through model building and deployment. Models don’t solve business problems, people do. In this talk, Eric will focus on how to maximize your impact by focusing less on the models you build and by focusing more on translating those models to definitive business actions.
Key takeaways for the Audience
  1. While the science is fascinating, your promotion and progress in the data science business world requires impact
  2. It is not the models you build but the business actions they translate to that create your impact as a data scientist
  3. Business actions are not something you can create and focus on alone. They require collaboration and understanding of the business
  • Eric Weber

    Senior Director and Head of Data Science & Strategic Development


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