Power Talk: Next-Gen Banking using AI & ML

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 1

45 minutes

Machine Learning

Jayatu and Abhishek will introduce American Express as a global organization, and provide insight on its journey to become an analytics-focused company. They will walk through a set of use cases showcasing how billions of data inputs, combined with the right AI/ML techniques and business insights, deliver a significant competitive edge for success.

Key Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. It’s essential to have the right talent sourcing strategy and organizational structure
  2. Critical to put data analytics capabilities in the hands of those who can add the most value
  3. Strong controls are needed to ensure customer privacy and permissible use of data
  • Abhishek Khanna

    Vice President, Fraud Risk Decision Science

    American Express

  • Jayatu Sen Chaudhury

    Head of Enterprise Digital & Analytics India, and the Vice President, Global Commercial & Merchant Data Sciences

    American Express

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