Power Talk: Quantum Machine Learning in the NISQ Era

Nov 13, 2019


Auditorium 2

40 minutes

Quantum Machine Learning

  1. Brief introduction to the exciting area of Quantum Computing, in which Dr. Mandaar will:
    • Cover the fundamentals and provide a brief history
    • Address the primary reasons for governments and government agencies of USA, Europe, China and India and a host of leading companies including Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and so on to have such a keen focus in this area
    • Briefly touch upon the host of well-funded startups who have started to make a significant difference in this area from a commercial standpoint
  1. What is the NISQ era?
  2. Overview of Quantum Systems
  3. The various Quantum computation models today
  4. Details of Quantum Machine Learning (QML) Algorithms
  5. Expected advantages of QML algorithms over their classical counterparts

Key Takeaways:

  1. An overview of Quantum Computing
  2. A good understanding of Quantum Systems
  3. The various quantum computation models that are in use today in the NISQ era
  4. Some physics and mathematics of the important QML algorithms
  • Dr. Mandaar Pande


    Symbiosis Centre for IT

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