Build Your Own AI Chatbot

Nov 16, 2019



Knowledge of python, basic ML and NLP.

Chatbots are everywhere today, from booking your flight tickets to ordering food, chances are that you have already interacted with one. Customers nowadays don't want to wait for hours just to get their query resolved, right? They want instant answers and chatbots come in really handy here, both for your business as well as your customers. In this workshop, you will build your own AI chatbot.

This is an 8-hour workshop. Build a Chatbot to search for flights.

  • Overview of Conversational Agents (Chatbots)
    • What is a Chatbot?
    • Different techniques to create Chatbots
      • Rule-based
      • Retrieval
      • Generative
  • Platforms/Frameworks to build Chatbots
  • Introduction to Rasa
    • Overview of Rasa
    • Setting up the system
  • Rasa NLU
    • Understanding user intent
      • Classification 
      • NER Intent classification
  • Adding conversational element (Rasa Core)
    • Dialogue Management System
    • User stories
    • Actions
    • Policies
    • Forms
    • Small talk
  • Deploying our chatbot
    • Command line
    • On slack



  • Rasa website
  • Rasa code



  • Yogesh Kulkarni


    Principal Architect


    Yogesh Kulkarni has 16+ years of experience in CAD/Engineering software development in various capacities, including R&D group/site manager. He holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering (specialization: Geometric Modeling Algorithms). Yogesh is currently working as a Principal Architect at the CTO office in Icertis, India. Outside this, he is doing personal research in the

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