What is the objective of AV Whatsapp groups?

  • People in analytics are yet to discover an ultimate platform where their concerns/queries on data science can be instantly clarified. This is an instant platform where hundreds of minds can help you with your problems at your fingertips.
  • This initiative has been taken with a pre-defined motive of providing a common platform to help connecting the analytics professionals / beginners across the world.
  • We also intend to guide / assist / help the members by enabling a healthy learning environment by providing free access to the guiding learning resources to help them upscale their skills.
  • We understand too many messages on whatsapp can intimidate people and leave them uninterested. These guidelines described here will give you a crystal clear vision on what is desirable and what is not.
  • We expect our members to self moderate and highlight whenever they see any deviations from these guidelines.
  • On the other hand, we are as new to creating this platform as you are in using it. So, if you have any suggestions, please send them at [email protected]


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How will these groups Function?

Here is the methodology used in these Whatsapp groups:

  • Apart from the self driven discussions in the groups, you will be provided with the weekly learning resources that would help you to upscale your skills and competencies.
  • You are then expected to go through these resources and discuss your concerns and queries on Analytics Vidhya Discuss. You should inform your Whatsapp group about the question posted, by posting the link.
  • For those of you, who do not have an Analytics Vidhya Discuss id, we will create it in a batch and send it across to you on the email id provided.
  • Needless to say, the moderators will always be there to assist this process all the time.


What is expected from members of these groups?

Members are expected to steer intellectual discussions amongst themselves which can be of guidance for other members as well.  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for these groups:

Do’s – Practices which are appreciated by moderators

  • Sharing relevant information for the benefit of wider group (and not one or two people)

Don’ts – Practices which are banned by moderators

  • Unwanted gossips, links, forward messages, Jokes and other unrelated content will not be tolerated at all.
  • Excessive self promotion – you can use the platform to showcase some nice work you have done. However, excessive self promotion will not be entertained.
  • In larger interest, members are expected to refrain from sending messages without any defined intent of conversation – For example: ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Thanks’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Thumbs Up’. We need to focus on quality of discussion and not quantity.
  • Job Postings – Job posting are allowed but the intent should be clear like:
    • Accepted – ‘X company is hiring for X profile. If you are interested you can apply <link>’
    • Unaccepted –  Any further discussion on the job posted in the group as it would flood the group with unnecessary messages. However, you can always discuss about the job offline with the concerned person.
  • Kaggle partners: People interested in looking for Kaggle partners can do a one line post, but should refrain from doing a discussion in the group.


End Notes

We know that, this initiative won’t be a success without your submissive support. Hence, we request all the members to refrain from unwanted practices defined above as they don’t solve the motive of creating this group. Let’s focus on our learning priorities and help other people to gain knowledge.

If any members is found to violate the guidelines, will be issued a warning from the moderator of the group after which the member shall be removed from the group.