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Learning paths – Data Science, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data

We live in a world of Information overload! 

Google throws 56,40,00,000 in 0.54 seconds when I search it for “Learn data science“! This still does not reveal the entire picture – it probably hasn’t searched through all the YouTube videos, the GitHub repos, the presentations on SlideShare, numerous blogs and discussions happening on the topic!

We come across people daily who are following too many things and chasing too many directions in their attempt to learn data science. It is hard to blame them, when there is so much content to absorb. These people start doing a MOOC – 2 videos down the line, they switch on to a blog, then a notebook and end up reaching nowhere.

Learning path

That is why we created learning paths. Learning paths are meant to provide crystal clear direction for end to end journey on various tools and techniques. So, if you want to learn a topic, all you have to do is to follow a learning path.


Not only this, if you have already started your learning, you can pick them up from your next step or see which steps have you missed in past. We think that learning paths would be immensely helpful to our audience. They will act like light houses for people doing their knowledge journeys on data science.

So here are the learning paths we have created:

Brand new comprehensive learning paths for 2019:

A comprehensive Learning path to become a data scientist in 2019

A Comprehensive Learning Path for Deep Learning in 2019

Other learning paths:

Business Analyst using SAS

LeaRning Data Science on R – step by step guide

Data Science in Python – from a python noob to a Kaggler

Data Visualization with QlikView – from starter to a Luminary

 Data Visualization expert with Tableau

 Machine Learning with Weka

Interactive Data Stories with D3.js


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  • Shyam says:

    Thanks – is there something similar for R ?

  • Krishna Mohan says:

    I am one of those who got lost in the forest of information. You are on to something that truly addresses a learners’ problem. Keep it up.

  • Siddharth says:

    Is there any leaning path for Tableau ?

    • Kunal Jain says:

      Hi Siddharth,

      As of Now, we have not introduced the learning path for Tableau. We will come up with one shortly, as soon as we find the right expert to create this path.


  • Siddharth says:

    Hi Kunal and Analytics Vidhya team,

    Thank you very much for creating learning paths. 1 month back I didn’t know anything about Python. I followed the steps mentioned in one of your article -Python for Data Science – and, now I find it easy to write programs in Python to do tasks. Because of your article I saved a lot of time from not running into many places.

    I need your help on one more thing. I want to learn text analytics from end to end and want to implement it in Python. My data resides in different places – Teradata, Excel, Twitter, Company website, etc.. I want to learn how to bring data into Python, clean it, analyse it and present the findings. Please provide your guidance on the same.


  • Nithin Krishna says:

    Hello,could u pls guide us for learning paths in statistics and machine learning

  • Ratish says:

    I want to do a masters in analytics, but am seriously lost between Business Analytics or Data Science. The latter is usually under the department of computer science or Mathematics and the first is under the school of business. I come from a business background and don’t really have any programming skills. I find this decision really hard to make and found this great blog and hope I can get a good answer here. Thanks

  • Vijay says:

    Is there a learning path for BigData?

  • Sumit Debnath says:

    hi there i am currently a student of diploma in computer engineering & i am very interested about data scientist, machine learning, artificial intelligence . can i join this community?