You can now learn Excel with Analytics Vidhya! In this course, we take you through the basic excel operations, leading up to the advanced features, such as pivot tables, conditional formatting, and many other things.


Step 0: Basics

Here, we are suggesting to go through the excel tutorial on This tutorial has both video and text based content and it is designed for beginners only. This tutorial has following content:

  • Basics of Excel (Open, Save, New, Cell Basic, Formatting, Layouts)
  • Formula & Functions
  • Working with Data (Sort, Filter, Data Validation, Group/ Sub-total, Table)
  • Charts & Sparklines
  • Conditional Formatting, What-if Analysis

Step 1: More Functions

Excel has various functions to perform different operations like Financial, Text, Date & Time, Mathematical, Statistical, LookUp & Reference & More advanced functions. Excel Easy has explained these functions with examples and in a very simple manner.

Step 2: Advance Charts

Apart from these basic excel charts (Bar, Column, Line, Pie ..), we can plot more advanced charts also by playing with different chart metrics. Below is the list of advance excel charts with resources:

Additionally, you can also refer article written by Chandoo, “Select right chart for data representation“.

Step 3: Basics of VBA (Macro)

Here, I suggest you to have a basic understanding about VBA. It will help you to perform various tasks, those can not be performed directly by excel inbuilt functions. Excel-Pratique has designed a free Excel-VBA course for the beginners.

Step 4: Other Resources

Along with above-discussed resources, you can also follow below resources (Blogs/ Discussions) to get updated with industry experts: