1. The algorithm used behind this test is a predictive model.
  2. This model has been built using a sample of 17413 analytics candidates, we have interacted in past through our job portal.
  3. The sample has been taken from India. Hence, this test is expected to perform for users working in India.
  4. If the user belongs to any other country, this test might not give appropriate results.
  5. The fun fact is based on the yearly salary drawn and is intended to motivate the user to work hard on his career path to achieve better results.
  6. We do not intend to promote any product using this contest.
  7. The products mentioned in the fun facts have been taken randomly as the popular choice available in the chosen salary bracket.
  8. We understand that salary structure of companies can vary significantly for similar set of skills and experience. Please do not consider these results as sacrosanct.
  9. The email id collected during the test would be used to inform you about similar products and new initiatives from Analytics Vidhya in future