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Testimonials – Our second year anniversary!

communications-committeeTime flies by! We can’t believe it has been 2 years since we created Analytics Vidhya. And boy, we have a done a lot in these 2 years! Analytics Vidhya, which started as a part time blog is one of the top 3 global data science community today.

Over these 2 years, we made sure that you get top quality content delivered week on week. Now, it is your time to do so. Leave your testimonials (in form of comments) on this page on What Analytics Vidhya means to you? or How Analytics Vidhya has helped you in your analyitcs learning? or just any other thing you want to say to us!

As usual, we are all ears to hear from you.

And yes, we forgot to mention, good testimonials stand a chance to win Analytics Vidhya merchandise while the best testimonial posted on 20th & 21st April 2015 (as judged by Analytics Vidhya team) wins an awesome prize! 

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  • John Philip says:

    Hi Kunal

    Hi Team

    I would like to extend my warm regards for your religious efforts towards building this community. I am glad that this voyage has completed 2 years and people like us have got the opportunity to become a small part of this fantastic journey. I follow your articles, they are well written and hold the interest till the end. I would recommend all the people of our analytics fraternity to become a part of AV and get on this voyage for an exciting season of knowledge and fun coming up. Cheers !

    With love from France!

  • Abhijeet Roy says:

    Hi Kunal,

    It’s been more than a year that I am following Analytics Vidhya. You and your team have helped me a lot in building my career. I had nothing in my mind and was a bit confused with my career related options, then I came through Analytics Vidhya and your inspiring blogs especially career related ones. I had completed my B.Tech and then wanted to make a career in Analytics as I had my inclination towards this domain.
    Analytics Vidhya has shown me the right path throughout and now successfully I am working as a Data Scientist in Citi Bank.
    Congratulations for running this great platform for 2 years and many more years to come.. and a heartiest thanks for helping novices like me to whom AV has shown a right path.

    Cheers to AV!!

  • Suresh Kamal says:

    I have been viewing your site for a couple of months back. I really appreciate you and your team efforts to help many enthusiast like me. As being a transition-er into analytics, Analytics Vidhya had helped to choose a right path into this field. A lot more to learn.. Cheers!

  • Bharath Chandrababu says:

    Great going guys! I share some of your posts on LinkedIn and to my friends who are pursuing business analytics. As an analytics professional myself, I find your blogs very useful. As part of my effort to help you guys keep growing, I will soon start writing few blogs on analytics topics for AV.Congrats again!


  • Karthikeyan P says:

    I had 9 years of workex in core IT projects prior to getting into the analytics industry. Having undergone a business analytics programme from one of the good B-Schools , expectations from me in the workplace was really HUGE. True to my instinct, the real world problems in data science were very challenging, data sets were vast to handle, extremely difficult to make sense of anything inspite of using the best tools.

    It was analytics vidhya’s resource pool which had helped me to brush up on whatever techniques that i had to work on my day job. Before starting up any new work, i make sure that i fresh up about that topic and technique in analytics vidhya. Whenever i struck up with any technical glitches, here came the analytics vidhya discussion forum to rescue me from my work.

    There were short competitions to reactivate my brain cells, there were articles which can keep myself abreast on the latest happenings in analytics world, polls to check the pulse of my peers, friday funalytics to cherish for….Whats more is needed to say that this blog is a complete packed, one stop place for all my analytics needs. Analytics Vidhya – you not only make most of my day, but the best of my day. Good luck and long way to go !!!

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    Hi AV team,

    Its been three years since I started my career in Analytics domain(working with SAS,R)
    Analytics Vidya made me to realize that how powerful is open source software ‘R’ . During my early stage the Article “SAS vs R vs Python” provide insights into Analytics s/w used in market and the horizontals of Analytics domain.I am unaware about R as my project mostly uses SAS. But AV provides the wealth of information on open source s/w .I am always exited to open the mail from AV to look into new interesting topic and try them(I usually add the most of AV articles to my favourite).AV discussion and Learning path are really useful to any one interested in analytics.In my project I even tried and successfully reproduced some task which was done by SAS to R.( i am really proud of it).I came to know how Statistics is important in Analytics project. Its really fun to implement word cloud by R. Topics like ‘Bigdata’ provide clear idea on emerging trend. Thanks AV team for sharing your knowledge.
    Looking forward for your next post.:)