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Advance SAS Programming- NIVT

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NIVT aims at shaping the destiny of aspirants for the emerging Advance SAS training. We prepare and ensure 100% success in the certification program.

This intermediate course focuses on using SQL as a data query and manipulation tool. You learn to use the SQL procedure as a data retrieval tool within SAS programs. Specifically, you learn how to perform queries on data; retrieve data from multiple tables; create views, indexes, and tables; and update or delete values in existing tables and views. Using features of the SQL procedure to debug, test and optimize the performance of SQL queries is also discussed.

It also focuses on the components of the SAS macro facility and how to design, write, and debug macro systems. Emphasis is placed on understanding how programs with and without macro code are processed.


6 months/4 Months/ 8 Weeks/6 Weeks/4 Weeks

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40 Hours


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