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Technical marketers are in high demand and low supply. Being able to dive into data on your own, with no help from engineering, makes you a much better marketer.

This is why SQL is so powerful – it allows you to see any data you want about anything your customers do. Knowing how to use SQL is literally a marketing superpower.

As someone who can understand and use SQL, you’ll be a (highly paid) marketing unicorn – able to dig into data and also execute high-level marketing campaigns

Target Audience

This course is for any marketer or product manager who wants an understanding of what their users and customers are doing. SQL is a powerful tool you can use to become data-driven and make critical marketing and product decisions, and this course is the easiest way to learn it.

  • Marketers
  • Growth hackers
  • Product managers
  • Startup founders
  • Analytics users




Rs. 5940/-


Life time access once you sign up

Taught By:

Justin Mares- Traction Book author, growth at Airbrake/Exceptional


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